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Meet our Unsung Hero

Dorothy Hill

Helping Restore Ability’s client and advocate, Dorothy Hill, was recognized as an “Unsung Hero” at a University of North Texas Health Science Center community event.

Disabilities Advocate

Dorothy has committed hundreds of hours over the last five years to promoting a model of high quality in-home care for ventilator dependent consumers to state Health and Human Service Commission staff and elected officials. She has succeeded in the 2017 legislative session in getting ventilator care improvements on the agenda and a rider attached to the state budget bills.


Dorothy’s Story in her own words:

“In 1949, at age 14, polio left me almost a physical nothing-totally paralyzed, and on breathing machines for the rest of my days.  I well know and can relate to how the damage, loss or impairment of any part of one’s body is a very traumatic experience.  The weight of it can often form a cloud hovering over you so unbearably heavy in so many respects; it is easy to fall beneath the load.  I am not so wise nor spiritually strong as to be able to say that none of this ever bothered me.  But presently, at 81 plus years, with my wonderfully supportive parents, husband and siblings having all passed away, I am grateful and amazed at all that I have accomplished thanks to the encouragement and support of a long list of caring individuals and caregivers who have helped me make a difference. As a client of Helping Restore Ability for 18 years, the nonprofit has been there for me.”


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