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Due 9/26 10:30am CST

CDS Clients who currently have an active authorization AND had an active authorization at any time during November 2021 are invited to apply for RFA HHS0011792 – CDS Community Attendants – COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief Grant sponsored by Texas HHS.

Activities authorized for one-time payment under this grant include staffing-related needs identified for the purposes below:

  1. CDS Community Attendant Services staffing-related needs and the costs of CDS Community Attendant salaries and wages.
  2. One-time recruitment and retention bonuses for CDS Community Attendants.
  3. Overtime costs of CDS Community Attendants; and
  4. Travel-related costs directly related to the provision of CDS Community Attendant Services.

The funds will be distributed and must be used during the project period beginning December 1, 2022, and ending August 31, 2023.


Beneficiaries (the person directly receiving Medicaid benefits) must agree to the following requirements as presented in HHS0011792:

  1. Beneficiary recognizes that the funds are a one-time payment and will use the funds accordingly.
  2. Beneficiary will not use the funds for permanent increases to Staff salaries
  3. Beneficiary will compile and maintain records of how the funds are used in anticipation of the one-time reporting requirements
  4. Beneficiary will fully expend all funds prior to the project period end date (August 21, 2023).

One-Time reporting of distribution will be required between September 1, 2023, and September 30, 2023. This report will include a description of how the funds were used, any accomplishments achieved because of the funds, and information on how long the funds lasted. The state will publish an electronic reporting system in August 2023.


HRA is ready to support you with your questions regarding this grant opportunity and to assist you with completing the required application. Please submit a ticket at https://hratexas.org/support-ticket/  or call our customer service representatives at 817-469-1977 for more information or support. If you need physical assistance filing the application, please visit our office at 4300 Beltway Place, Suite 130, Arlington, Texas 76018 for access to a Wi-Fi-enabled computer to complete the application.


Survey Monkey Application Link – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CSDCACOVID19

Detailed Information released by HHSC regarding RFA HHS0011792 – CDS Community Attendants – COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief – https://apps.hhs.texas.gov/PCS/HHS0011792/

New Timesheet Process 

Option 2 & 3 employers, beginning with the 9/5/22 timesheet submission, our timesheet form has changed so that you will only need to certify that visits in Vesta are correct or supply adjustments to specific shifts.

Full timesheets will no longer be needed for EVV services

You will still be required to verify your EVV services each time period

Go to hratexas.org/cds-timesheets and choose to verify your Vesta account as correct, submit Vesta account changes, or submit a timesheet for non-EVV services.

EVV Compliance Requirements 

All CDS Options:

  • CDS Employers are required to maintain a Compliance Score of 80% or higher. Manually entered shifts must account for less than 20% of the total shifts in each month.
  • To calculate your compliance each week, count the total number of shifts worked by all attendants and multiply that number by .20. This is the maximum number of shifts you should be manually entering.
  • Excessive manual entry for EVV services, resulting in a compliance score lower than 80% may result in the issuance of a Corrective Action Plan and could lead to the State of Texas revoking CDS Service Authorization.

Please let us know how we can support you all with vesta. If you are experiencing any issues with your method of clocking in/out, please contact the agency at 817-469-1977.

Public Health Emergency (PHE):

Planning for changes in Medicaid services   

  • On January 27th, 2020, the federal government issued a Public Health Emergency (PHE) due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Medicaid coverage was affected by the Continuous Medicaid Coverage Act. If you were in jeopardy of losing coverage, this act extended coverage until the end of the PHE. This does not apply to all clients. 
  • Once the PHE ends, you will only keep coverage for another 60 days (about 2 months). It is extremely important that you speak with your case manager now to know if your services were affected by the Continuous Medicaid Coverage Act. HRA is unable to know if your services are affected or not. Once you know if your coverage is affected, please let HRA know so that we can help you plan for renewal or service interruption. 
  • Please Note: The PHE is currently still in effect. Your coverage is not ending now; however, it is important to begin gathering this information for planning purposes. 
  • Please watch your emails for further information. Each email will begin with the subject line “PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY UPDATES.” 


Provider Retention Payment 

  • Another part (yet separate from the CDS Grant Opportunity) of the American Rescue Plan Act was a percentage increase to billable hour payments for six months. This means that for every hour of service billed, each MCO (Managed Care Organization) or TMHP has authorized a percentage increase to be distributed to clients for single-use bonus funds. These funds may not be used for wage increases. These funds are guaranteed to most program enrollees. 
  • Funds are being distributed by MCOs (Managed Care Organizations) and TMHP based on hours worked from March 2022-August 2022; therefore, funds will not be available until hours through the end of August are worked, billed, and received. The timing of this payment receipt depends upon your payer (MCO or TMHP). HRA is still receiving distribution of March and April funding from many payers and has received no June or July payments from any payers. All payers are behind in issuing these funds. 
  • We will not distribute funds until all funds have been received from your payer, so that you know the exact amount of funds available to you. Each MCO and TMPH work on their own timeline of distribution and notification of funds.  
  • This process will help to prevent any recoupment of funds from your attendants due to the inaccurate distribution of amounts.  
  • We are currently planning on funds and a distribution plan being available by the middle of December; however, this deadline is flexible based upon fund receipt from your payer. You will have until the end of 2023 to distribute the funds to your attendants.  
  • Further guidance and timeline information should be expected in September about how the distribution will be managed in line with the guidelines set up by the federal government. 
  • Please watch your emails for further information. Each email will begin with the subject line “HCBS FMAP FUNDING

Contact CDS

Helping Restore Ability has been working diligently to make it easier for you to reach out to the department that you need to assist you. The email address cdstimesheets@hratexas.org will no longer be monitored starting July 13, 2021. Emails received at this address will not be read or answered. If you email this address, you will receive an automatic response with instructions on how to reach specific departments.

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