Consumer Directed Services

*NEW* Paystub Notice *NEW*

NOTE: Beginning March 1, 2022, paystubs will be available on the Payroll Portal. All CDS Employers were sent login instructions for their attendants. Please contact your CDS employer for access to the portal. If you need additional assistance accessing the portal, please submit a support ticket. 

You can find instructions on how to log in to the portal here.

Puede encontrar instrucciones sobre cómo iniciar sesión en el portal aquí.

Annual Training for All CDS Employers AND Attendants

Vesta and the state of Texas require each CDS employer to complete annual training courses. These courses are due 1 year from when you originally took the course. Please take a moment to check your original training certificate. If it has expired, please complete the training courses and upload the certificates here.

Second, you are required to provide training for each of your employees each year. Once this is complete, please fill out the 1732 form here for each employee.

CDS Vesta Employer Training Instructions

CDS HHSC Employer Training Instructions


CDS Timesheet Submission

All CDS Clients and Attendants must submit their timesheets via the online submission form. This is in addition to and does not replace daily Vesta clock-in and clock-out.

This new process will begin on July 26 covering the time period from 7/11/2021 – 7/24/2021. All option 2 and 3 clients are required to submit a timesheet. If you are Vesta option 1, you only need to complete an online timesheet if you are authorized for transportation, nursing, or intervenor services. You will need to know your Authorized Service, Authorized Hours, and Vesta Option when completing the timesheet. If you do not know this information, please fill out THIS FORM and a customer service representative will send you the information.

Paper or emailed timesheets received after July 12, 2021 will not be processed.

If you need to complete the timesheet at a separate time as your employer, you may fill it out, save it, and send for signature using THIS LINK. Click HERE for detailed instructions on using this feature.

Contact CDS

Helping Restore Ability has been working diligently to make it easier for you to reach out to the department that you need to assist you. The email address will no longer be monitored starting July 13, 2021. Emails received at this address will not be read or answered. If you email this address, you will receive an automatic response with instructions on how to reach specific departments.

For the quickest response to your question, please submit a support ticket (below). You will receive email updates as your ticket is worked on and resolved. You may create an account to track ticket progress or submit a ticket as a guest if you do not wish to register.

Submitting multiple tickets or emailing multiple people about the same issue will slow down response time.