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What is EVV?


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a computer-based system that electronically verifies that service visits occur and documents the date and time service delivery begins and ends.  Most importantly EVV is utilized to ensure patients are not neglected and to cut down on fraudulently documented home visits.

All DSA agencies are required to utilize EVV as of April 1, 2016 and is currently mandated by Texas Health and Human Services.

EVV electronically documents the following visit data:

  • Member receiving services.
  • Attendant providing services.
  • Location of service delivery
  • Date of service delivery
  • Time the attendant begins and ends service delivery.


Access Your Paystubs

Paystubs are available on the Payroll Portal. Please submit a support ticket if you need additional assistance accessing the portal.

Access the paystub portal here.

You can find instructions on how to log in to the portal here.

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Additional ADS Useful Forms

Once completed, the forms at the buttons below will be received directly by our team for processing. Some forms require more information and will be sent to you by request through our ticketing system.

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Contact ADS

To fax authorization paperwork or other paperwork, please use 817-461-2334. All other fax numbers have been deactivated. Please update your records accordingly. For the quickest response to your question, please submit a support ticket via the “Contact Us” button. You will receive email updates as your ticket is worked on and resolved. Submitting multiple tickets or emailing multiple people about the same issue will slow down response time.

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