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Success Stories


Eighty-three Year Old Polio Survivor
Ineligible for Health Insurance

“Helping Restore Ability allows me to be able to stay at home and go on and feel like a human being. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know there is someone out there like Helping Restore Ability that will step in and give you a helping hand to get started again.”

The Burman Family

Family with Children with
Special Needs

“Helping Restore Ability gives me the ability to work with my children on a one on one basis…Evelyn has a caregiver, Sarah, that is provided to her through Helping Restore Ability. Sarah comes in and helps Evelyn with daily needs, and she also comes in and works with Evelyn on her developmental skills. Having just one caregiver that is working with Evelyn, gives Evelyn more stability and a chance to work on her bonding issues….I feel very secure in that my children’s futures are really going to shine because we do have Helping Restore Ability and they genuinely care about my kids.”


Survivor Football Accident

“I work for a company called LiftAids, Inc. It’s an amazing company that does handicap conversions…One of the ways I am being helped is through an amazing organization called Helping Restore Ability, and what they pay for is my attendant care…It’s not like I’m saying, ‘hey, give me money.’ I’m just asking for me to have a chance to succeed. That’s all I want to do. I want to give back, help people that are in my situation, but I also want to work and be proud of myself so when I go home, I know I have done something positive.”

Marcus and Mary

Vehicle Accident Survivor

Marcus – “I now work for the IRS, I have been there 16 years…I thank God for Helping Restore Ability because it made it possible for (Mary) to have a livelihood because she cares for me.” Mary – “I have worked with Marcus since he was 19, and now he’s 43. Marcus has always been a striver….without Helping Restore Ability Marcus would not be able to maintain a job, he would not be able to live on his own, he would not be able to fulfill a lot of the dreams he had.”

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