Helping Restore Ability is thrilled to be a chosen nonprofit partner with the University of Notre Dame Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO). During the fall of 2019, Helping Restore Ability went through a rigorous selection process to be one of 6 nonprofits to engage in a multi-year research study aimed at reducing poverty and/or improving lives in the United States through housing, health, education, criminal justice, and self-sufficiency. Throughout the program, HRA and LEO will work together to develop and test a research hypothesis and plan for broader rollout and funding opportunities for further study.

The LEO research team will assist the HRA Department of Research and Informatics in designing and scaling a project originally piloted through HRA’s relationship with Amerigroup Managed Care Organization. Prior research shows that increased training for caregivers decreases emergency room visits, increases primary care physician check-ups, and creates an overall higher satisfaction for clients and family members. By providing caregivers with the tools needed to identify these early warning signs, they will be more able to encourage their clients to better support their own health, allowing for greater self-care and self-confidence while reducing health care costs.

The study will examine the effectiveness of providing incentives for caregivers to complete additional training modules aimed at identifying early health warning signs in their clients. These training modules will include identification of Dementia symptoms, identification of fall risks, and other targetted modules. Caregivers will be blindly divided into three incentive levels. Effective completion of the modules will then be measured based on the incentive level.

The Notre Dame University Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) is a nonpartisan research lab established in 2012 in the Economics Department at the University of Notre Dame. Through rigorous impact evaluations, LEO aims to identify the effective, innovative, and scalable programs and policies that reduce poverty and improve lives in the U.S. LEO’s research is conducted by faculty at Notre Dame and a national network of Faculty Affiliates. Findings from LEO evaluations support both on-the-ground practitioners and policymakers in making informed programs, policy, and funding decisions.