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Each year the Sam Provence Award is given at the Helping Restore Ability annual gala in memory of Sam Provence, the founder of Helping Restore Ability. Born in 1949, Sam contracted polio at the age of 9, losing complete use of his arms and legs. With a reliance on a respirator during the day and an iron lung at night, Sam never stopped working for the rights of those with disabilities. Before the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sam advocated strongly for legislation promoting wheelchair accessibility and accessible public transportation. Sam’s memory stands for perseverance, advocating for what is right, and overcoming any barrier whether physical, mental, or societal. Past recipients of the Sam Provence Award have shown a commitment to the continual advocacy for improvement in current systems and in supporting the disabled community by any means necessary.

Do you know someone who exhibits the traits that Sam Provence is remembered for? Nominations for the 2019 Sam Provence Award are due by Monday, April 1, 2019.

Download the nomination form below:

Sam Provence Nomination Form 2019

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